Has Indian Justice Always Been Impartial?

Has the Justice-Statue always been blind-folded? Yes, but not necessarily in India, says Professor Devendra Swaroop Bhargava. Here is the case of an internationally renowned academic in the environmental sector, with more than 500 publications and 33 awards to his credit.

During his career, and according to his account, this professor was the victim of an example of the biased influence of politics in Indian research. As a reminder, India is divided between on the one hand the concern to claim its identity weakened during the collonial period, and, on the other hand, the imperative need to open up to the world in order to develop its economic activity and feed its population of 1.3 billion souls.

The story of Devendra Bhargava caught my attention because myself, when I started to create a partnership with India, and more particularly in New Delhi, I was the victim of a false CV and probably of false diplomas. Before that, in Paris, during my PhD in planning/urbanism, the Sorbonne University was regularly informing its Research students about the dangers of plagiarism, both for institutions as for individuals. Behind those practical cases, lies the question of sincerity : when one is giving an information, is this given in good faith by the actual author and after having been confronted to facts? Because behind sincerity habits the issue of trust. And an any project be developped without trust? Nowadays, where highly developed technical tools give each one of us, and perhaps even more to people with high academic training, a power that was never given before, it is essential that ethics and sense of duty be lifted to the top of any agenda. The horizontal economy, where the Internet allows access, at least theoretically, to a lot of data, requires a high level of professional conscience to function. Without the latter, the entire system is to ruin.

We welcome each Contrib’Citizen to expose one’s point of view and/or analysis, providing each author bases his/her text on facts and/or figures.

Internationally reknowed Professor Devendra Swaroop Bhargava asked me, two weeks ago, the permission to write and publish his own testimony related to troublings facts. Of course, were some Contrib’City readers willing to confirm or contradict this account, they are welcome to either write a comment or ask me to write their own text. Only one condition: the publication must be facts-based.

Hoping contrib.city will be able to help in bringing more light into this society issue related to sincerity and good faith, I am wishing all Contrib’Citizens feel welcome to participate into this debate.

Dear Contrib’Citizens, here is the story of this brilliant environmentalist researcher.

Dr Bertrand de Foucauld

Contrib’City France


Has the Justice-Statue always been blind-folded? Yes, but not in India.


By Prof. Devendra Swaroop Bhargava

An extra-ordinary absolutely-true event, though unbelievable by some, happened in the history of Indian Judiciary when the Central Information Commission, Nainital HighCourt and EVEN the Supreme Court of India repeatedly UPHELD INFORMATION-EVADING RTI (Right to Information Act 2005)-Answers (by IIT Roorkee through its letter No.IITR/MS/RTI-0008/923 dated 30 October 2006) that 1994-EVENTS were MORE THAN 20 yrs OLD in the year 2006 (vide Nainital HighCourt WritPetition No.726/08 for verification).

Even STREET-URCHINS all over the WORLD are laughing at this unique world-record type example manifesting the severest misuse of Godly-Powers vested in India’s entire Judiciary.

I published over 500 Research papers in world’s top journals at record rate invoking Parliament-Questions twice (LokSabha Q.No.2338 dt.8.3.1982, RajyaSabha Q.No.195 of 1983); I got invitation for research-grants from US-Army Chief(Estu); 7-NASA Scientists lauded my Ocean-RemoteSensing work in their Report “Ocean Color” (on Net); GANGA-Research published all over the World with Chapter on me in “Ganga” (book on the Net authored by Julian Crandal Hollick, USA’s chief of Independent Broadcating Corporation, who researched on Ganga river for a decade in India); All papers in one Journal-issue were authored by me and presented 7-9 different researches in single session of a Conference; I Delivered KeyNote Addresses at BHU, AMU, JNU (ex-PM Gujral as ChiefGuest) and won 32 (5 in 1994) Academic Awards (including India’s highest Jury-UGC’s SP-Award shared with likes of Nobel-leuratte AmartyaSen) etc…

THE STORY: Soon after my joining Roorkee University (Oldest Indian Engineering University, now IIT Roorkee), almost all research-students opted to work with me (verifiable from the lists of over 500-research-publications and 32-academic-awards). Some anti-research/national type people in connainance with administaration created numerous laboratories and other problems and started sabotagings of various kinds. Many of my PhD-students who completed their work in 3-years published 20-32 research-papers, won 1-4 academic-awards, and submitted their theses within 3-years. Even after getting positive examiner-reports many such PhD-students were forced to leave me and take new supervisors/guides. In other words, research work guided-published by me was credited to some one else and this is PLAGIARISM, a serious academic-crime. Not only this, I was subjected to punishments (without any natural-justice or taking my explanations or even informing me). I had to request many research-granting organisations to keep my research proposals in abeyance till I am assured laboratory facilities. Fortunately, even the US-Army Chief (Estuarine) had invited me to submit a project-proposal but I could not. All these injustices to me resulted in some 25 WritPetitions filed by me. My Allahabad Advocate/Counsel Hon. RakeshTiwari (who was paid fully for all WPs and for a property which he usurped later, and took numerous signed blank-papers) hobnobbed with Roorkee-University (now IIT), the opposite party, and got all my WritPetitions dismissed as NOT-PRESSED (without my Affidavit, that is, without any written statement on a stamp-paper under oath). What does it mean? Simply that my Counsel told the judge that we are not interested in pursuing the case so it be dismissed. Such a statement can not be given unless I give a written statement on a stamp paper. So this was the mischief of my Advocate who formed NEXUS with IIT ROORKEE and Judiciary both. So it was a breach of trust. Soon after, this lawyer also got rewarded to become the High Court-Judge.

After my retirement, fortunately, the RTI-ACT-2005 came, and taking advantage, I asked several Questions (to obtain needed documents and to expose the culprits). Answers to all such questions were EVADED by saying that 1994-events/documents were more than 20-years OLD in the year 2006 (hence answers cannot be given) and all such wrong-answers were repeatedly UPHELD by the entire Indian JUDICIARY as stated earlier.

Such a severe NEXUS between IIT Roorkee, Advocate/Counsel and the entire Judiciary as evident from the above is very dangerous for the citizens and the entire nation as also this concerns/involves national-security and reliability aspects of the Indian Judiciary.

I am not paid half-pension (1998-2016) due-arrears despite Govt. Order. As previously written, vide my CV, I am recipient of UGC’s highest SP-award and two-times Parliament-Questions were asked about my researches.

I testify the above facts.

Extract of the 25 writ petitions list filed by Pr Devendra Swaroop Bhargava in High Court and Special Leave petitions filed in Supreme Court.
The answers to RTI (Right To INformation Act-2005) questions as given by ITT-Roorkee. p1.
The answers to RTI (Right To INformation Act-2005) questions as given by ITT-Roorkee. p2.
The answers to RTI (Right To INformation Act-2005) questions as given by ITT-Roorkee. p3.
The answers to RTI (Right To INformation Act-2005) questions as given by ITT-Roorkee. p4.


CV of Dr. DS Bhargava

Research Publications of Professor DS BHARGAVA-1-1


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