MH Aubert’s declarations to the High Authority: a Fraud again!

Contrib’City believed that it had definitively reviewed the issue of the false declarations made by the vice-president of Yvelines to the High Authority for the Transparency in the Public Life (HATVP), since its article on the 27th August 2020. But it was without taking into account the accounting fantasy of the politician which, we have to admit, is beyond comprehension.

The latest ‘discovery’ of the Yvelines’ vice-president had hence been one of erasing  the name of the civil and real estate society in which, in 2011, she had an equity share of 79%. In 2020, although the HDL society clearly displayed this but, due to a reason unknown to CC, Madame Aubert then decided to hide this information. The latter although is compulsory: the decree of the 23rd December 2013 (annexure 1), about the declarations of property status and of interests, indicates that the name of the society in which an elected representative possesses stakes must be declared. Indeed, so that the electors can check on their own that there are not any conflicts of interests for the candidates in the next elections, and/or for those who already have a political mandate, it is necessary that the electors are able to read the names of their concerned private and public structures/institutions. 

But that is not all, Contrib’City did not earlier notice a point in the numerous declarations of MH Aubert: it must be noted, in the defence of the site, that all the declarations of the Yvelinoise politician published on the HATVP site, on 7th January 2022, were false. So what is this “detail”? It simply is about the post of the administrator of the Interdepartmental Centre for Management of the Greater Crown (a part) of the Ile-de-France region (CIG) (The Ile-de-France region comprises of Paris, inner crown and the outer crown or the outer suburbs that make the outer ring). Marie-Hélène Aubert is a member of the Administrative Council of the CIG since at least August 2020. Problem: No mention of this position in the Section third, titled – Participation in the organs run by a public or a private agency or by a society at the time of election or nomination or in the course of 5 years preceding the declaration date. The councillor of Jouy-en-Josas however had more than 24 months to rectify her error. But, nothing was done: the vice president of Yvelines and also of the Agglomeration Community of Grand-Versailles, persisted in her false declarations to the High Authority, and by that, to the 1.4 million Yvelines inhabitants.

Of course, the mandates and the elective functions, as well as their respective remunerations are not all displayed: on the 21st October 2020, more than nine years after having been elected as the departmental councillor, her Yvelines’ mandate was not displayed.

The elected representative however, sent to the HATVP, no sooner than the 7th October 2021, a new declaration. For now, pending this last publication, we have a total of four versions, all inaccurate, plus one never edited: those from the 23rd May 2015 (deleted from the HATVP website), the 4th September 2020, the 21st September 2020 (it was to be published but later was withdrawn for an unknown reason), the 8th November 2020 and finally the 29th November 2020.

A point to remember, all the declarations must be made within two months following a change in the mandate or in the wealth. Two months: not several years! The article 26 of the Act of 11th October 2013, related to the transparency in the public life, specifies the fact that: A person mentioned in the articles 4 or 11 of the present law is subject to a punishment of three years imprisonment and of € 45000 as fine, for a failure in filing one of her declarations referred to under the same articles or a failure in reporting a substantial part of his wealth or interests, or for furnishing a false evaluation about her/his property and assets.

Contrib’City will not forget to keep you abreast of the tribulations of Marie-Hélène Aubert with her declarations to the HATVP.


Translation: Vidhi Taparia, BdF.

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