Right of reply (Macron, France and Debt)

Dear Bertrand,

That you’re against Macron, it’s your right. As for your appreciations, they only belong to you, and as far as I know they are not words of the Gospel.

But let’s go back to Macron, this man who, according to the traditional right wing, had not the slightest experience to lead France, and who today is behind him!

He inherited 50 years of deficit, successive governments who have all backed away from their commitments, and you would like, that with a magic wand, he straightens France in 2 years!

Well, he does not back down, even during the pre-electoral period, he reforms, and only lets go of what he had planned to let go of!

And we have never seen a president under the Fifth Republic make so many reforms!

He broke the right wing as the left one, he will now break the unions of the far left which have persisted since 1945!

Miracles in politics do not exist!

I voted in the first and second round for Macron, I will vote again for him, because he is as intelligent as COURAGEOUS!

But how can you ask a man to do, in 2 years, what others have failed to do in 50 years?

Didn’t Fillon say, when he was Prime Minister, that France was bankrupted?

It’s very easy to criticize when you’re not in command, you can say everything and its opposite.



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