Merry Christmas!

Contrib’City wishes a very happy Nativity to all of its readers and their families. The site also thinks about all those whose loved ones are not or no longer there, for whatever reason.

Christmas being celebrated all over the world, essentially like a family day, the site also sends a thought to all its partners located outside France and whatever their religion: their cultural, intellectual and spiritual contribution participates, one way or another, in guiding CC on a daily basis.

Since Antiquity, even before the Christian era, December 25th was the place to celebrate the Light, following the winter solstice. The site continues, with its very modest means, to inform its readers on different themes: daily life, land planning, economy (etymologically, the administration of the house), ecology (the science of house) and politics (management of the City), among others. It is intended to be, as a reminder, a place of debate on facts and ideas, a site of right of reply in order to contribute, on its local scale, to having the great family of humanity advancing towards more harmony, even if it also means putting the truth in dark areas.

On this celebration of family and light, Contrib’City thanks each reader and all those who allow it to move forward, a little more each day of our life, towards the truth of the facts and towards inner and public freedom.

Thank you again and very merry Christmas!


Translation: BdF.

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