Did anyone see the foals in Vilvert ?

On June 21st, you could see four young colts in Vilvert. This is so unusual I was told but I didn’t catch the meaning. Back on July 4th, I was curious to see them again. On Father’s Day, foals had to separate their forelegs to graze. A fortnight later, would they still be annoyed by the length of their legs ? I’m wondering where they are. Neither on the meadows, nor in the stables. Curious, I can’t help asking the lad.  They went to Senonches Ranch. Inside a van, heading for the Perche region. Should the young riders have missed them, they could go to Oakland – it sounds like Heartland, the TV sequel shooted in a ranch – for a summer training. In 2018 Isabelle Brel, singer Jacques Brel’s daughter, sold this equestrian & breeding ranch to the Brimborion association whose headquarters are located in the Paris Region. Its Parisian horses and ponies – as they’re known in the local newspaper (l’Echo Républicain du 05/09/2019) – are happy to graze a greener grass. The singer’s daughter was already aware it looked like a holiday spot.

In retrospect, we have been lucky to see foals in Vilvert. They are staying there for a short length. One month after the birth, the young colts are going to Oakland until they can be handled. It’s a long period with several steps at Le Mesnil-Thomas : handling, loading, breaking in, riding. The rider may be a philosopher [2] or a fan of Heartland.

For children and foals, full board is guaranteed.

[2] Allusion to Gaspard Koenig’s voyage.

Christophe Baillat

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