Few of the high authorities in West Paris Region like the High Authority for public life transparency

Many senior elected officials of the Yvelines département[1]A département in France is approximatively the same as a county in United Kingdom (78)  tend to neglect the High Authority for the transparency in public life or to keep a very discreet love for this lady. Pure coincidence, it was when contrib.city started posting about the HATVP[2]Haute Authorité pour la Transparence de la Vie Publique or High Authority for Transparency in Public Life that some politicians in this French départment remembered about this young institution [3]The HATVP was created in 2013..

François de Mazières, former student of the prestigious Ecole Nationale d’Administration (National School of Administration), Mayor of Versailles (the Prefecture of the department) since 2008 and President of the Urban Community of Versailles Grand Parc, who had simply made no declaration to the HATPV, has since moved closer to this public structure, after more than five years of delay.

Pierre Bedier, President of the Concil of the Yvelines département since 2014 and Vice-President of the Hauts-de-Seine / Yvelines public establishment for interdepartmental cooperation, did not dare to register with the HATVP since 2015. There is no mention of his mandate as President – and the corresponding remuneration, ie € 5,612 gross per month – nor that of his position as Vice-President.

Marie-Hélène Aubert, first vice-president of Versailles Grand Parc since her election as the head of Jouy-en-Josas Town Hall in March 2020, and vice-president of the Yvelines Conucil, is also in bad terms with the HATVP. This elected representative, who exerted pressure on contrib.city, is under the respective responsibility of Mrs de Mazières and Bedier.

Contrib’City reminds that the 11th October 2013 French Act n ° 2013-907, related to transparency of public life, obliges all concerned local elected officials, in this case the département (vice)president(s) and the mayors of municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants, to declare any change of position and / or income within two months (art 11, chapter I). Further on, article 26 (chapter II) specifies: The fact, for a person mentioned in articles 4 or 11 of this law, of not filing one of the declarations provided in these same articles, of omitting to declare a substantial part of its patrimony or its interests, or to provide a false evaluation of its patrimony is punished by a penalty of three years imprisonment and a fine of € 45,000.

Still, François de Mazières, Pierre Bedier and Marie-Hélène Aubert wanted to (re)forge ties with the HATVP, after several years of delay.

It would be interesting to know why these three local elected officials are so timid vis-à-vis their mandates or their public or private incomes. If they have opted for political life, in a democratic country, is it not to be at the service of their territories and citizens? Why then curb a global movement of transparency that, in any case, new technologies allow today?

That being said, let us recall that after a careful examination, of all the other vice-presidents of Yvelines, only three, Mr Pierre Fond, Alexandre Joly and Jean-François Raynal, have kept their statements up to date. The others failed to indicate their remuneration as vice-presidents (€ 3,725.44 gross monthly) or their re-elections. On a European scale, according to the French Political Sciences School Sciences-Po survey, published on February 22, 2021, the state of mind of the French [is characterized today] by weariness and gloom and 77% of our compatriots have a vision negative Polics. By comparison, the figure drops to 61% in the UK and 52% in Germany.

Perhaps it would be important for all elected officials to reconnect with their citizens, in a spirit of service and transparency?

François de Mazières, Mayor of Versailles since 2008, and President of the Versailles Grand-Parc agglomeration community, had still not made a declaration to the HATVP in November 2020. A few weeks ago, this elected official finally took the plunge and declared himself to the High Authority. The HATVP indicates that his new declaration is being processed (HATVP screenshot dated February 18th, 2021).
HATVP account of Pierre Bedier, President of the Yvelines Départment Council and Vice-President of the Hauts-de-Seine / Yvelines public inter-departmental cooperation establishment. The HATVP indicates that its new declaration is being processed. (screenshot of February 18th, 2021).

Statement by Pierre Béder on May 18th, 2015. P. Bedier did not indicate either his function as President of the Yvelines département, and its related gross monthly remuneration of € 5,612, nor that of Vice-President of the Hauts-de-Seine / Yvelines public inter-departmental cooperation establishment (ECPI 92 / 78). Local elected officials have two months to make their declaration of any change to the HATVP. (HATVP screenshot from February 18th, 2021).
Omissions of some vice-présidents vis-à-vis the HATVP
B. de Foucauld. Le Février 23rd, 2021
First Name Family Name Date of declaration Missing function

or remuneration (1)

Mandate remuneration (2)
Catherine Arenou 02/04/2015 Yvelines Vice-President Remuneration 3725,44 € gross monthly
Marie-Célie Guillaume 29/03/2015 Yvelines Vice-Président Remuneration 3725,44 € gross monthly
Joséphine Kollmannsberger 10/03/2016 Plaisir Mayor reelection 3541 € gross monthly
Ghislain Fournier 11/03/2016 Vice-President of the Agglomeration Community CASGBS (mention : not voted yet at this date)  
Josette Jean (3) 07/04/2016 Réélection Maire de Condé-sur-Vesgre 1634,62 € gross monthly
Olivier Lebrun 10/05/2015 Viroflay Mayor reelection 2762,47 € gross monthly
idem idem idem Reelection as Vice-President of the Versailles Grand Parc Agglomeration Community 1378,03 € euros gross monthly
Karl Olive 01/06/2015 Yvelines Vice-President Remuneration 3,725.44 euros gross monthly
Pauline Winocour Lefèvre 20/05/2015 Yvelines Vice-President Remuneration 3,725.44 euros gross monthly

(1) The declarations of the President and all the vice-presidents of Yvelines were published on October 28th, 2016, except for Marie-Hélène Aubert’s one which was published on January 17th, 2017.

(2) Source: HAVTP (remuneration for the 1st mandate or  colleagues’ remuneration for exactly the same job).

(3) Josette JEAN indicates a remuneration of 2,927.13 euros gross / monthly for her position as vice-president of Yvelines. Mrs Jean may have confused gross and net compensation. This vice-president must probably earn 3,725.44 euros gross monthly like her colleagues.


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