Transparency of public life: Jouy’s opposition quotes!

In the booklet “Le mot du Maire” (“Mayor’s Word”) posted on the 20th November 2020, the opposition returns to one of the deliberations [1]Deliberation n ° 8 relating to the mayor’s request to finance her private defense with public money. As a reminder,, in Achel Rahitz’s article dated August 27th, raised the fact that Marie-Hélène Aubert had declared to the High Authority for Transparency in Public Life [2]Haute authorité pour la transparence de la vie publique only € 484 of monthly income, and that did not please this politician.

(Translation) The opposition’s word – In this dramatic period of health crisis, the majority voted on October 12th, 2020, a deliberation authorizing the Mayor to use the municipality’s budget to finance legal fees with a view to suing, in a personal capacity, a News website. The latter published on August 27th an article questioning the declaration of the Mayor to the High Authority for Transparency and Public Life. The declared monthly remuneration of 484 € seems, according to, little, in view of the local Politician’s various functions (Mayor, Vice-president of the department (county), Vice-president of Versailles agglomeration). The group of elected officials of “Un Avenir Pour Jouy” strongly and clearly opposed in the municipal council this resolution which we consider illegal and unfounded, representing in our eyes an abuse of power and public money, the commited amounts not being capped.

At the time of publication of this article[3]French edition dated 20th November 2020, the High Authority website still indicates that the income of Jouy-en-Josas Mayor is still less than € 500 per month, despite her various public functions and private interests.

Statement by Mrs Marie-Hélène Aubert to the High Authority for Transparency in Public Life. Screenshot dated November 20th, 2020 (this page appears only in the French version).
Statement by Mrs Marie-Hélène Aubert to the HATVP. Private interests declared by the politician: 120,000 €. Screenshot dated November 20, 2020.
Statement by Ms. Marie-Hélène Aubert to the HATVP. A post of Deputy Mayor is indicated, with a monthly net income of € 484. However, Mr H. Aubert also holds the post of first vice-president of the Versailles-Grand-Parc agglomeration community as well as that of first vice-president of the Départment des Yvelines Council. According to the scales in force, the accumulation of these positions brings in more than € 8,400 gross monthly. Screen shot dated November 20, 2020.

Despite’s alerts, such as the open letter to Jean-Noël Barrot dated September 7th, the political leaders of the agglomeration of Versailles or of the Yvelines Département (County), expressed themselves only by a deafening silence.

However, the transparency of public life is a national, even international problem, as the journalist Ed Butler points out in his Business Daily program of November 11th about Ukraine (BBC). In France, let us recall that our taxes finance a budget of € 7.2 million per year, and the equivalent of 57 full-time jobs, in favor of the High Authority for Transparency in Public Life, since the Cahuzac affair.

Years go by, articles pile up and public money flows, including in the form of debt that our children and grandchildren will have to pay. But French public life does not lighten up, at least at the local level: the High Authority has still not published the declarations of interests of the Versailles mayor François de Mazières. At the national level, one observes a little more vigilance: the Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti, according to the daily Libération, is currently under the magnifying glass of the HATVP. Still, a feeling persists: many local elected officials continue to pass under the radar of the High Authority. However, French local public administrations spend a colossal budget each year: for the year 2020, the latter amounts to 271 billion euros. It deserves, it seems to me, at least a quick glance from the Prime Minister who oversees the HATVP.


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